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The Branch 01:01
I wanted my life's work To be like an ever-growing forest So vast that you could lose your way in it But this branch is all I have to show It's withering and untended There is nowhere it can take you that You haven't been before And you left it at your door
It was all fake A long and steep mistake Like a dream from which we wake With nothing in our plate And no words while our worlds quake Why do you come around my door ? I do not love you anymore And all the rings, the wedding bells I gave them all to someone else It was all you I never had a clue Until you drifted from my view Our happy storm is through What's left rusts it's broke bust and bruised Why do you leave notes at my door ? I do not love you anymore The things you said I did so well I did them all to someone else And I know grace I've seen it's ugly face Hidden in a lonely place With lonely gauze and lace The old joy, the old coy embrace Why do you dress up like a whore ? I cannot see you anymore And all the lies you said I told I have none left to ease your load You know damn well what is in store I do not love you anymore
Lay Down Your Arms (free) 02:48
Don't come to me with forevers I love you more with each new day But there is nothing everlasting And Death blows promises away Don't tell me I don't have no secrets There's still a place I wanta be There's still a path I haven't wandered But I'm afraid of where it leads Let me hold your hands Your arms, your sides The small of your back Your shoulders and Your wrists, your thighs Your ankles and I'll Find my way inside You say I don't deserve emotions That my devotion isn't true You say I gotta find my place Well my place is inside of you So don't be hasty in your judgment Don't pull the bag over my head For there are many here who hunger And there are many who despair Lay down your arms Your hair, your gown The scroll of your spine Hand me your head Your waist, your breath Your nipples and I'll Find my way inside
I don't eat well, I don't sleep well I don't wash and I don't comb I don't answer the phone I don't try to move along Is there something I'm doing wrong ? I don't laugh and I don't smile I don't leave the past behind I don't take the helping hand I don't try to make love last Is there something I didn't grasp ? Now crow black harm Is coming on And I'm all out of light So I set the child in me on fire I don't love and I don't talk I just lay there like a rock And I wait for it to pass And I spill beer in the grass And I try to pick a fight Is there something I'm not Doing right ?
Girls 02:33
When you're alone There is no one to pull you under When you're alone There is no one to break your fall When there is nothing Left for them to plunder They leave without a whisper They leave without a glance Because you have nothing In your hands To make them want to glance your way When you're alone There is no one to keep you caged in When you're alone There is no one to keep you warm And if you try To keep all of the rage in It breeds a world of anger It breeds a world of pain Till you surrender Half insane Half wishing you could start again I've seen the mortal danger I've seen it hide away It's very treasure, just in case And no one ever looked your way I've seen the mortal danger It breathes, it is my friend It is my saviour, my mistake The one thing I refuse to fake
Happy Things 03:28
It's the happy things That make me cry When they're within my grasp And I let them pass by Like wild game You could never tame I know better than to try I can only watch them Disappear within my mind Though I couldn't be your other half Nor the one to make you come The ties are not undone Like a lion fed I will lay my head On whoever's thighs are warm It may not last forever But it's hard to live alone It's the happy things Like holding each other tight Or the kindness in the smile A stranger gives sometimes But when it comes of course I'm like a frightened horse I go kicking all around I throw it off my back and Watch it shatter on the ground
River Song 02:15
We used to go To the slow Moonlit river I'd slip my hand Into your pants And make you quiver And when we'd tasted each other We'd lie and rest Half undressed To the sound of water moving
Childhood 02:18
Childhood was I happy then ? I don't remember it all that well I would have ended it by now If it wasn't for the cinema And I know it's getting late The food is aging in my plate Feels like I've passed my expiring date Like a lonely vegetable Waiting in my cubicle I'll never amount to anything So what have I left to give ? What is there left to say When at the closing of the day Feels like the world has passed away ? Dull, blank and lusterless Clumsy, unadorned and colourless I never liked me anyhow I wasn't made for anytime Still I wanted you to know Yeah I wanted you to know Moonlight came upon my worthless shadow
Saddled Up 03:57
Saddled up and alive But not the strength to go anywhere And this sickening sky Never clears up above our heads We must be getting old Nothing is new Few emotions are shown Their face beaten and blue I'm, not inclined to meet anyone I tried, but the walls are too thick, too high I know, all too well I'm bound, bound to fail Uptight when I look at your changing ways I try not to seem too depressed these days But silence arrives And it tears down my guise
Sweet Wife 03:06
You have been my friend For several years now And I've never seen you So sad or so quiet So let us go out Let us have some relief now Let's mix with the crowds Let's have ourselves a ball We will find you a sweet wife We will find me a whoring Companion We will find you a sweet wife So that I can betray you So that her and I Can betray you
I found a room where I could live The winter's gloom is bound to give way I'm trying to be a painter now I'm trying to rid myself of art somehow And I'm sleeping through the mornings Through the silence of the mornings I'm glad, I'm glad You asked the man to play our song I didn't know we had a song to play The ice has covered the river now There's nothing but a broken plough The winter's wrapped itself around The house, the sky is coming down Do you remember the skating rink Do you remember how you used to think Are you afraid to tell me now Are you afraid to tell me how How you lost your integrity Your supernatural therapy The weight has finally come around The idleness has brought you down And you're sleeping through the mornings Through the silence of the mornings I'm glad, I'm glad
Mouldings 02:24
She's got a moulding Of her left hand And she holds it to her chest Trying to feel The pulsations Trying to quiet the unrest That's taking place It's taking place Behind the armour of Her smiling face She wants a moulding Of her features Of her face and of her feet Sometimes she says She wants a double Made of stone or of concrete To take her place To take her place Then she could disappear Without a trace
Running Dry 03:55
Our hands are in a knot It's all I'm thinking of The shape of your elusive arms Naked by the light I bring it all back home Where it don't belong I stash it in my tiny house And leave the door ajar I gotta find a new career I gotta really try I'm drowning in this atmosphere Running dry I'm digging my own track No use in turning back I'm swimming round in circles It feels that way sometimes Like a cat that is too weak To stand I lay around in corners Of whatever room I can I gotta find a volunteer And space enough to thrive This loneliness has got me near Running dry


"Subtly unusual songs, with gentle surfaces that belie their churning
depths. Abrupt twists in the lyrics, and understated surprises in the
music, tend to make listeners lose their balance and fall into an
unusual place." David Garland - Spinning On Air - WNYC


released April 1, 2006

on Watrehouse Records

songs and most instruments by Morgan Caris.
recorded and mixed by Erwan Broussine at Waterhouse.
mastered in Paris by Stephane Garry.

viola: Catherine Maroleau
backing vocals: Vanina Leschi
flute on Saddled Up: Pauline Callandreau
lead guitar on Childhood: Olivier Dao
occasional bass by Erwan Broussine


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin Paris, France

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